Tudor: Henry VIII or Fine Swiss Watch

When you hear the word Tudor what do you think of first, is it Henry VIII and his many wives or perhaps the architectural style that makes you yearn for a cup of hot cocoa or could it be a watch? If your first thought was indeed a watch than you my friend are a connoisseur of fine watches.  Tudor is a Swiss manufacturer of high-quality wristwatches based in Geneva since 1926.  The brand’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf, is in fact the same founder of the venerable Rolex brand some 21 years earlier.  Since Tudor’s inception the watch brand has been positioned as a more affordable alternative to the Rolex and today remains a sister company.  

Over time, Tudor watches have gained a great following from the avid watch collectors to professional divers and arms of the US Military including its elite SEAL teams.   Tudor was one of the first brands to incorporate the use of a two-piece wrist strap because of its durability and safety.  These watch straps are referred to as NATO straps as a result of their use by NATO forces, and extreme adventure enthusiasts.  With the passage of time, Tudor has stepped out of the shadow of its bigger sister and today is a powerful brand unto itself.  Tudor has a rich and interesting history in the world of Swiss watchmaking, and I encourage you to look for yourself.  

At Every Watch Has a Story, we are always searching for watches that stand the test of time.  Please come back often to see what we have recently procured.  Every watch has a story and what will yours be?  

Note: Sidebar, Tudors logo today is based on a shield which was the emblem of the long-reigning English Tudor dynasty.  So pretty much everyone was right.


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