Hermes Paris Vintage Watch
Hermes Paris Vintage Watch
Hermes Paris Vintage Watch
Hermes Paris Vintage Watch

Hermes Paris Vintage Watch

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Retail Price: Vintage - Circa 1975

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Brand: Hermes

Condition: Used (very good)

Item: 2073

Description: Beautiful men’s manual timepiece, featuring a superb original orange dial with gorgeous white hands. Stainless steel case. This wristwatch is an original creation of the the legendary House of Hermes.Circa 1975. The combination of the antique signed movement, original case, and immaculately refinished dial make it an exquisite timepiece. The movement is signed Hermes, Paris. It is of the highest quality Swiss movement in great condition and running excellently. The watch is a manual winding timepiece, and has been regularly serviced. The watch is fitted with a brand new stunning orange and white 18 mm band with a traditional buckle.

Dimensions: Case: 33mm (without crown)

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The Story: Hermes International is a high fashion creator of luxury goods established in 1837. Hermes, as it colloquially known as today, specializes in leather handbags, home furnishings, clothing, jewelry and watches. It’s logo since 1950 is an image of royal horse and carriage.

Hermes was foundered by Thierry Hermes, the sixth child of an innkeeper. He first opened a harness store that made the finest harnesses and bridles available serving Europe’s nobleman. In 1900 , the firm offered what they called a Haut a Couurroies bag. It was specially designed to allow riders to travel with their saddles.

The store at 24 rue de Faubourg Saint-Honore has grown in legendary status ever since it was opened in 1880. Thierry Hermes was succeeded by his son as the head of Hermes, and he was succeeded by his two sons.

Hermes was granted the exclusive rights to use the zipper in France shortly after it’s invention, which sparked innovation in the area of clothing. This included the first leather golf jacket with a zipper made for Edward, Prince of Wales.

In 1922, as the result of Thierry Hermes grandson’s wife complaining that she could not find a single handbag to her liking in Paris. This ultimately led to some of the most recognizable leather goods in the world today, among them the “Kelly Bag” created in 1935 and later renamed after Grace Kelly, the American actress who would became the Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainier III. Today, the Kelly Bag and the Birkin Bag are still hand stitched by a single craftsman and incredibly difficult to obtain.

The handbags were quickly followed by the square scarves which quickly became a staple in French culture not long after Hermes first released them in 1938.

In the mid-thirties Hermes teamed up with famous Swiss watchmaker Universal Geneve hiring him exclusively to work with Hermes as the brands first designer of exclusive timepieces, producing their first line of wristwatches for both men and women.

By the 1970s Hermes was a global brand admired by the who’s who from every aspect of society.

Quotes from the House of Hermes, which provide unique insight into the brand:

“The world is divided into two: those who know how to use tools and those that don’t.”

“We design, make, and retail our own products. The world may change, but this will never change.”

“We don’t have an image policy, we have a quality policy.”

“Every artist or designer that works for Hermes is taught to bring their own genius to the way our grandfather and his grandfathers created something more than a product - a work of art.”

“Every Hermes collection has a conscience, this is why we cannot create or sell something that ugly.”

Every Watch Has a StoryTM is in no way affiliated with Hermes and does not claim to be. We simply love their products and make them available to our customers who enjoy surrounding themselves with the best of the best.