Leandri Laboratorio Manual Wind
Leandri Laboratorio Manual Wind

Leandri Laboratorio Manual Wind

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Brand: Leadnri

Item Number: 4162

Description: Stainless steel manual wind men's watch, leather strap (black), grey/black dial, small seconds sub dial. 

Condition: Excellent condition with very slight signs of wear. 

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Story: Although it was known as an independent brand only during recent years, Leandri is actually deeply rooted in the watches world, dating back to the 60’s.
The brand, which was founded by the Leandri family, is completely revisited, guided by GaGà Milano, starting from the restyling of logo and name, which will become “Laboratorio Leandri", in order to stress the change of philosophy, quality, manufacturing and movements processing. Laboratorio Leandri acquires a strong personality and launches two unprecedented lines: one is much more classical compared to the past and the other is pretty sporty. Laboratorio Leandri’s watches, made in Swiss, enclose a strictly Swiss manual movement. The refined handcraft manufacturing creates a qualitatively higher product compared to the past.

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